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Black Hole

Rosie Adrenalin

Cold Genius

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While some artists are struggling to come up with a decent album in five years time, there are others who make music like it's baking bread (... not that I can, but neither can I make music!). This is another project from bassist Frank and drummer Gunnar who are in "Schwarze Zypressen", and I have the feeling that they're going further into the avantgarde-approach of rockmusic. Mind you, it's all listenable but this is more improvised than Schwarze Zypressen are. Music at its most bizarre, at times as chaotic as Caspar Brötzmann or the early works of Pere Ubu (... especially because of Robert's similar voice). Noiserock in where everything can happen and extremely uncommerciable. Recommended to all Zappa and Captain Beefheart-freaks, and even if you've never heard a Zappa-record in your life then it's still recommended, unless you want a very polished form of music.
THE ORIGINAL SIN, Nr. 30, (Belgium, Netherlands, Germany)
Lärmlustige Klangexprimente zwischen Jazz, Metal und vergnatzter Nervensäge. Wimmernde Gitarren, schepperndes Schlagzeug und ein dazu unverständlich winselnder Sänger - schwer verdaulich.
(TIP Magazin Berlin, 1/2000)
Avantgarde-Hardcore schien der Vergessenheit anheim gefallen, aber: Hashimoto zelebriert ihn mit einer wahnsinnig anmutenden Inbrunst gleich einen Zacken schärfer. Für Leute, die sich gerne mal einliefern lassen wollen. MIR
(Zitty, 8/2000)